Made in Michigan
Cass River Bats are 100% made in Michigan, from Michigan trees.

Eco-Friendly Wood Source
We make fewer than 100 bats per year.  We average fewer than 10 trees harvested per 100 acres.
Family Business
Cass River Lumber Co. makes all kinds of wood products; Cass River Bats being our favorite division, with a family history of woodworking that goes back generations.  We cut down the trees, run the sawmill, turn and finish the bats by hand.
Meet Jim, Mike and Mike
Stock and Custom Bats - Modern and Vintage models
Most modern sizes are kept in stock.  If we do not have exactly what you want, order a bat with custom features.  Vintage models offer a wide variety of options.  Designing the bat is as much fun as striking with it.
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Personal Service
The process of purchasing a bat is often more of a conversation than a list of numbers.  We take the time to ask questions and discuss options to ensure you get exactly what you want.
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